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India stands as a vibrant and diverse country whose economy is rapidly integrating with the world economy. The sweeping economic reforms in the last decade have had far reaching consequences. The business environment in the country is considered conducive for achieving high levels of sustainable growth.

India's time-tested institutions offer foreign investors a transparent environment that guarantees the security of their long-term investments. These include a free and vibrant press; a Judiciary that does not hesitate to exercise its power to overrule the government and an elaborate legal and accounting system. India's dynamic and competitive private sector has long been the backbone of its economic activity. The private sector accounts for over 75 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP) and offers considerable scope for joint ventures and collaborations.

India is one of the key emerging markets in the world. The country's skilled managerial and technical manpower match the best available in the world. Its middle class, whose size rivals the population of the USA or the European Union, lends India a distinct cutting edge in global competition.

EOPL comprehensive solutions aggregate a complete range of services necessary for businesses to succeed in the Indian Market.

•  Market Opportunity Analysis

•  Regulatory Environment Analysis

•  Selection of Market Entry Mode

•  Business Planning

•  Sales Support Services

•  Investment Location Search

•  Business Government Relations

•  Direct Business Representation

•  Sales Channel Set up (Distributors, Business Partners, etc.)

•  Joint Venture Set up Services


In addition to our in-house capabilities in delivering these services, we have an extended network of local market associates, enabling us to call on additional support and specialized advice at all stages of the investment process as required. This network of experts includes:

•  Industry specific experts

•  Legal Experts

•  Human Resources specialists

•  Public Relations advisors

•  IT Support Experts


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