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The Indian telecommunications market is growing at nine million-plus subscribers every month and the potential of 3G to bring about a convergence of voice, data and the myriad of user-friendly services popularly referred to as ICE (information, communication and entertainment) is manifold.

3G in India is going to fulfill the unmet needs for voice and broadband in urban India and will connect rural areas to rest of the world. In an emerging economy like India, there will also be a lot of unexplored possibilities in value added services like location based services after the introduction of 3G.

If you are having that next big idea or an established product for the telecom sector and if you are willing to reap the benefits of your hard work through entering in to the India market without making additional efforts then EOPL can be a complete solution provider for you.

EOPL works closely with companies around the world which have proven technology in 3G Applications and Value Added Service (VAS) and are looking at taking advantage of the introduction of 3G services in India.

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